Cyclone Debbie Excavator Repairs (April 2017)

Cyclone Debbie Onsite Welding Excavator Repairs.

Cyclone Debbie delivered an unprecedented amount of rain in such a short time causing dozens of land slides and comprehensive damage.

After a call out for a cracked Excavator Arm we carefully went into 4WD and navigated down the long and slippery slope to get to the Excavator.

Using Air Arc Gouging Torch we quickly gouged out the old crack ready for re-welding with the high strength shielded 81 Nickel Flux Core Welding Wire specially designed for high strength welds for Excavator Arms, buckets and all attachments.

  • Excavator-Arm-Welding-Onsite-Mobile-Repairs
    Excavator Arm Repairs after Cyclone Debbie

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